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Testimonials Speak for Themselves
"You've done such a beautiful transition from ugly to beautiful on my home, and I am
happy to give a great reference if you need one for future jobs.  Just let me know."
 Kathy Kous of Aloha
A neighbor of a recent SLS client said that she could tell right away that SLS was good,
because one of the first things that SLS did was put a portable potty outside
for the crew. Something like that makes such a difference for our homeowners.

"The top two things that I appreciated the most about SLS,

was their quality craftsmanship and being on time!"


Kaminski and Sell in Durham





Re: SLS Custom Homes
To: Dear Potential Home Remodeler,

Please call me for a discussion regarding the performance of SLS CUSTOM HOMES. I met Steve Stolze about a year ago regarding a remodel of my family home. It’s important to understand this home is near and dear to my heart, as it was my grandparents home. I needed the spirit of my grandparents and parents to still rein strong in this home, as it is the strength and home base of our family of 4 siblings, 10 grandchildren, and, so far 5 “greats” (not to mention all the in-laws and a biz zillion cousins, etc).

This was nothing short of an extremely emotional experience for me. At the same time the old metal cabinets were taken out, my father passed away. My Mom found comfort in finding pieces of the old linoleum. It was a bittersweet experience in that regard. However, this home continues to be the mainstay and gathering place of our family. The Stainglass Sunburst was in my great-great Aunt Mary’s house in 1892. This remodel and the dedication of SLS has provided my family a new beginning with old ties. It is so awesome!

My experience recommendation of SLS comes at the highest levels! I prepped myself for the most difficult experiences and was continually surprised at the customer service, flexibility, understanding, and overall solution oriented team of professionals. Between Steve, Joan, Jeff, Randall, and their incredible teams, I ended up with so much more than my family had dreamed for.

Being a Mortgage Banker of 21 years, I will forever be indebted to SLS for their care, expertise, and incredible result in my home!

Please, call me for specific questions and dialogue!

Melissa Clark
503-636-1609 (home)
503-670-3900 (office)


Dear SLS Visitor

Hello! You are about to embark on one of the biggest decisions you'll make regarding your home. For us, we would have not remodeled our house without having SLS do the work. We had heard many "horror stories"– half finished jobs, poor quality workmanship, and had also seen homes where the "remodel" looked like a part of some other house that had been stuck on like legos! If we were going to remodel, we needed someone we could trust.

We have known Steve Stolze, President of SLS, for over fifteen years. We initially met him while he was the Mayor of Tualatin. At that time he impressed us as a concerned, caring and fair man. We had seen his signage on several developments throughout Tualatin (Bristyn Meadows, Jeffwood Estates) and been impressed with the high quality workmanship of his homes. You can drive around Tualatin today and see how well these homes have held their value over time. We have also seen the beauty of his high-end custom homes, with one "Italian kitchen" in an $800,00+ home, that is still the best we have ever seen (including ones in Italy!)

We purchased this home, in part, due to the expansive entryway. It wasn't until after we had made an offer on the home that we learned the previous owners had hired SLS approximately ten years ago to remodel the entryway! Talk about resale benefits, even years later!

SLS says they will "do what they say, on time, and on budget". Steve worked with us to design exactly what we wanted, how we wanted it. He advised us on appliances and fixtures but let us make several decisions. He gave us a price range and stayed with the estimate, and exactly at contract price. He said he could do the work in six to eight weeks. We were back cooking in our new kitchen less than eight weeks from the start of the project.

Personally we couldn't be happier with the end result. We can have friends and family over, and still enjoy their company while cooking and cleaning. It has made our kitchen the "heart of our home".
Thanks, SLS!!!

The Eichelbergers (Eric, Brenda, Katie and Evan)


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